DIY: No Sew Minnie Mouse Ears

If you’ve ever been to the Disney Parks, you know that there’s a very large percentage of women who don Minnie Mouse ears. Young and old, women of all ages prance around in headbands adorned with two fabric-wrapped circles. Most will tell you it’s a part of visiting Disney, that it adds a little Disney magic to whatever you’re wearing. So where do you buy them? These cute headbands are sold in the Parks at more shops than I can count. But if you’re a newbie to the ear game, I have a secret for you: they hurt. A lot. The headband ears that are sold by Disney are not the most comfortable for whatever reason and you may find yourself regretting purchasing them.

So where can you get a pair of ears that won’t give you a headache? For years, I have been purchasing mine through various sites on the internet. If you google “Minnie Mouse Ears”, you’ll find a plethora of options waiting to be purchased from Disney crafters across the globe. Some are good, some are bad, and some are just plain awesome. But you’re going to have to pay to get a set of ears, and it might not be in your budget, especially if you don’t want to wear the same ears every day of your Disney vacation.

Recently I found myself wondering, “How hard would it be to make my own ears?” While I am not someone who sews, I do know my way around a hot glue gun. If you want to know how I made myself a pair of Minnie Mouse Ears without any sewing, keep reading!


For this tutorial, you’ll need:


-Fabric for your ears and bow (fabric of your choice)

-Two Styrofoam circles

-Hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks




-Adornments of your choice (I chose crystals because I like bling!)

-Styrofoam cutter (I used scissors, but a cutter would make it easier)


The first step is to trace our shape onto the Styrofoam. Below, I’ve included a stencil you can print out for your own ears. You can adjust it to the shape you’d like, but for the size pictured, this is the stencil I used. After tracing, carefully cut your Styrofoam with scissors or a cutting tool. Clean up any jagged edges before you continue to the next step.


Step number two is the most daunting, in my opinion. You’re going to gently wrap the fabric around the Styrofoam to cover it completely. Try wrapping a few times to find the way you like most before hot gluing the edges down. Make sure you wrap fairly tightly and cut off any excess fabric. The tighter your fabric is on the bottom of your Styrofoam, the better it will adhere to the headband in the next step.

After this, it’s smooth sailing. Simply find where you want the ears to sit on your headband and glue together. Make sure you press down firmly and hold for a few minutes to ensure your ears are secure. You don’t want your ears flying off your headband as you plummet down Splash Mountain!


Add a bow in the middle and you’re all set! If you’re feeling crafty, you can cut fabric out to make it. If you’re feeling a little less coordinated, you can purchase bows from any craft store. Again, make sure you press down firmly and hold for a few minutes to ensure your bow is nice and tight on your headband.

I added crystals to my ears, which are completely optional. However you choose to decorate your ears is up to you. I had these crystals left over from a previous craft project so it was no additional cost to me. You never know what little leftovers you may have around the house that would make a cute addition to your Minnie Mouse ears!


And there you have it. Besides a little hot glue gun burn on my index finger, this project turned out better than I expected, and really didn’t take that long. My supplies all together cost me $10 and I have leftover fabric to make another pair for a friend. I hope this easy, sew-free tutorial helps you when making ears for yourself or loved ones for your next Disney trip! I would love to see the creations you come up with. Post your DIY ears on social media and use the hashtag #biancadoesdisneyears so I can check them out. If you have any Disney DIY crafts requests, please let me know in the comments. Until next time! ☺



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