Staying Pretty at Disney: Hair Color and Maintenance

Hello everyone! Welcome to another installment of “Staying Pretty at Disney”. Today we’re going to talk about one of my favorite subjects: hair color and maintenance. As some of you know, I am a Hairstylist, and I have been in the beauty industry for close to ten years. My passion within my field is hair-color, so I feel like I’m quite knowledgeable in not only performing coloring services, but also educating clients on how they can maintain their color until their next visit.

Over the years, I have donned plenty of fun hair colors. I often get questions about how I maintain it. All hair color fades, especially bright, vivid colors. When you factor that in, as well as Orlando’s humidity and heat, it’s valid to have concerns that you’ll come back home with very faded hair color after a trip to Walt Disney World.

I always start off my vacation with freshly colored hair. In addition to hair color fading, it also loses its vibrancy as time goes on. Because of that, I recommend starting your vacation with hair that’s just been colored. If you’ve had your hair colored in recent weeks and want to touch up the color, you can ask your stylist for a “glossing” service. This service differs from a full color and is usually a semi-permanent hair color (or toner) which is less damaging than permanent color. They also help add shine to the hair. PSA: Please visit a licensed hairdresser to perform any hair coloring service. Do not try to color your own hair at home! Fair warning 🙂


You also want to make sure that you are using products that are color safe. And not only color safe, but also sulfate free. Sulfates can be the leading culprit of dull, colored hair, because the sulfates actually strip the color. You’d be surprised at how many products say they’re color safe, when they also contain sulfates. Depending on your color, you may want to ask your stylist about a color-depositing shampoo. These are fantastic when you’re traveling to a place where you’ll be standing in the sun all day. Applying these type of shampoos can enhance your color in just one wash. Also, steer clear of clarifying shampoos. These are great for removing chlorine and excess product build-up, but they’ll also strip the color out of your hair. The exact opposite of what we want!

Now this last one is going to sound silly considering you’re going to be in the parks all day: limit your sun exposure. The sun will literally suck all the pigment out of your hair. If you’re not willing to wear a hat to cover your hair (and no, Minnie ears don’t count), then opt for a UV protectant spray. I used this on my last WDW trip and it helped tremendously. When you get back to your hotel for the evening, make sure to wash your hair with cool or lukewarm water. It’s very tempting to take a nice, hot shower when you’ve been in the parks from rope drop to close, but hot water opens up the hair shaft, causing the pigment to fall right out! You may also opt for a hot bath instead after rinsing your hair in cool water.


I hope you all learned a bit more about caring for your hair color. And remember, you can use these tips not only when you’re at the parks, but at home as well. If you have any beauty-related questions, feel free to ask in the comments!






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